But What About All The Wendy’s Employees that Don’t Shoot People?

How come no body ever talks about those people? We hire people all of the time that don’t shoot any one at all. Most of the time, they don’t even shoot AT people. I mean it’s just one guy shooting people. Does that make our Spicy Chicken Nuggets™® any less cravetacular™®? Like I mean come on. That’s pretty good. Like this guy. Look at this stand up employee here.


He’s not serving up bullets, just 100% fresh never frozen™® all beef patties. So let’s just everybody chill out… With our special 50¢* Frosty™® all summer long!



*At participating locations for a limited time. Offer not valid in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. (Sorrey!) © 2017 Quality is Our Recipe, LLC.

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